Create Your Great – How to Create Your Dream Career

8 Week Program

Experiencing fulfillment thru your work and career is life altering. As people we want to feel valued, like our work matters, and that we’re making an impact. Those are the things that bring us fulfillment. If you aren’t experiencing any of these in the work you are doing today, if the fulfillment from your work is not there, my flagship program, Create Your Great – How To Create Your Dream Career, will change that.

“I just wanted to say how much I’m enjoying participating in your Create Your Great group program. I am so impressed with the amount of material and information that is shared each week. Having access to the guest influencers who offer practical, valuable advice, whether you’re a business owner or jumpstarting a new career, is paramount. Your platform allows the group members to have access to these influencers and tap into their knowledge. Whether you’re looking to grow your business or jumpstart a new career, the structure of this program enables group members to continue to learn and grow, and be inspired by the lessons presented. I’m following your lead, and am motivated to do the same in my own practice.” – Donna, Create Your Great Program Participant

What does the program do?

How To Create Your Dream Career brings you clarity on your purpose, on the work you want to do and are meant to do. It teaches you how to deal with and address poor management, stagnant career progression and lack of clarity in your career goals. It helps you get better at managing relationships with co-workers and peers, with customers and with management. With actionable lessons, exercises and steps, this program will fuel you with the mindset to take control of your career and give you the tools to make a meaningful impact for yourself and for others. It will take you from the mental and emotional prison you’re in to the dream life you want. I know first hand, because I’ve been in that mental prison, I’ve experienced all of the feelings and situations listed above, and I took all of the steps in my program to make the changes I needed to in order to realize true fulfillment around my work and career.

Who Is It For?

How To Create Your Dream Career is for Working Professionals who are motivated to grow and learn, and who truly want more fulfillment from their career. It is for those who don’t want to settle for the status quo, who want to make a bigger impact on others and in their organization. Most importantly, this program is for people who know they need to make a change and are ready to act on it..

What You Will Take Away From This Program:

  • 100% Ownership of your career
  • Clarity around your Purpose
  • Tools and tips for how to navigate yourself in the ‘Connection Economy’
  • An understanding of how Emotional Intelligence benefits your career
  • Steps for being more authentic and staying true to yourself
  • Awareness of the things that can sabotage your career
  • Knowledge on how to build confidence
  • A clear understanding of the one thing more powerful than confidence

And much more.

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