Create Your Great Masterclass Digital Course -- Emotional Intelligence To Boost Your Career

Create Your Dream Career with the help of strong EQ

Do you want to stand out more at work? Make a bigger impact? Grow your career? Increase your levels of fulfillment?

Strong Emotional Intelligence is the key to unlocking your potential in all these areas. If you want to differentiate yourself in the work place in 2018, if you want to truly impact others, strong EQ is a must. Here is a course that will help you increase your skills around Emotional Intelligence and up level your career.

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What is the Emotional Intelligence Masterclass Digital Course?

The Emotional Intelligence Masterclass Digital Course is an online course that helps you strengthen your awareness and performance in key areas of emotional intelligence so that you can create the career of your dreams and experience true fulfillment in the work you do.

Why I created the Emotional Intelligence Masterclass Course

For 20 years in corporate and non profit roles, I dreamed about making a bigger impact, about helping people, inspiring others and teaching the lessons I’ve learned in my career.

I built a career I was proud of, doing a variety of roles in tech, healthcare, management, volunteer services and non-profit. I learned every step of the way, not just on my own but from many others around me, at all levels. I had many fears and limiting beliefs along the way, some which slowed me down. But I always persevered and kept my eye on my dreams of making a bigger impact.

Two years ago I turned those dreams into reality when I left my corporate job to become a Career Coach.

Today I am proud to say that thru my Flagship Program, “Create Your Great — How To Create Your Dream Career”, I now teach, help and mentor people in how to take ownership of their career and create fulfillment in the work they do.

What is important is that I continue to fulfill my mission, to help you create your dream career.

One of the keys to building that dream career, one that impacts others and brings you fulfillment on a long term, consistent basis, is leveraging Emotional Intelligence.

I have created the Emotional Intelligence To Boost Your Career Masterclass online course so that you don’t have to wait years to create your dream career. You can start making a bigger impact today, thru the power of strong EQ.

Emotional Intelligence To Boost Your Career guides you thru lessons and actionable steps that help you raise your own awareness of everything you need to do to create the career and impact you have always dreamed of.

You will receive practical guidance along with expert knowledge and action oriented steps you need to take yourself and your career to that next level. This course will help give you the tools you need to make a major change in your career immediately.

As a Career Coach, I teach people how to gain clarity on their Purpose, and then how to create a career that aligns with their Purpose. This course will help you gain the knowledge and confidence to always keep your career aligned with the person you want to be.

I feel a moral obligation to help you in your career, to help you take the courage you have inside and create the career of your dreams. It’s time to step in so that you don’t have to wait any longer.

— Scott

Who is this course for?

If you have been thinking about how you can make a bigger impact at work, about why you’re not fulfilled in your career, about how you can help others, or if you’ve felt like you’re not reaching your full potential, this course is for you.

For more than a year I’ve been doing workshops that have helped hundreds of people to look at their career differently, to learn how to take ownership of their career and to understand how to better create fulfillment in the work they do.

Now I’d like to share some of that and more with you.

During the Emotional Intelligence To Boost Your Career course you’ll learn….

  • The four key areas of Emotional Intelligence that impact your career the most
  • How to build a stronger awareness of yourself and of those around you
  • The tools that are most essential in today’s ‘Connection Economy’
  • What it takes to build meaningful relationships at work
  • How to use the strengths you already have to enhance your performance and the performance of those around you
  • What it means to truly serve and impact others

And much more.

A Course for all Levels and Backgrounds

Strong Emotional Intelligence is essential for everyone, for people at all levels of your organization and from all industries and backgrounds. This is not just for managers, or people at certain levels, or business owners and entrepreneurs. Emotional Intelligence is “the” key tool of today’s landscape and economy. In this environment, with an abundance of information everywhere, including right at your fingertips, it’s not how much you know, it’s how you make others feel. How you connect with others. The trust and credibility you build. Strong Emotional Intelligence helps you do that.

What You Can Expect

Step By Step Guidance to building Strong EQ

I will teach you the areas of Emotional Intelligence that affect our career the most, what they mean, as well as practical, real life steps that we apply them at our job and in our businesses.

Inspirational Guidance from Other High Achievers Who Have Leveraged Eq to Create a Fulfilling Career

I meet, work with and learn from so many high achieving people who are making the impact they want. One common trait among all of them is their awareness of and focus on strong EQ. In this course I will bring you input, guidance and wisdom from other people whose careers have benefited from strong Emotional Intelligence.

A Community Filled with Support

There is nothing more powerful than that sense of community and connecting with other like minded people. As part of this program you will join and have access to my private Facebook group where you’ll have additional education and build connections and friendships that will impact your growth and can last a lifetime.

The Opportunity to Grow Your Life

The beauty of Emotional Intelligence is that at its core, it’s a guiding beacon not just for work, but for life. Improving your EQ skills is not only going to boost your career, it’s going to boost your life all around. Relationships, friendships, personal growth, overall fulfillment will all blossom the more you work on your Emotional Intelligence.

A Convenient and Practical Way to Learn

The Emotional Intelligence To Boost Your Career Masterclass course is 100% online, so you can take it anywhere, anytime via video and audio, at your convenience. You will also have access as I add new content and material in future months.

"Scott Stolze is a true professional who is very dedicated to helping people. He is fully present and engaged while working with me, and is a thoughtful listener. What sets him apart from other coaches is his commitment to follow-thru and asking many questions. Since working with Scott, I feel a call to action to "Create My Great!"

Laura McEvoy, M Ed.Wellness Coach | Yoga Instructor

"I highly recommend working with Scott Stolze. Scott is caring, dedicated and highly enthusiastic when he works with you either in a private session or in a group setting. He brings out the best in people and makes you think bigger."

Kit PangTEDx & Keynote Speaker, Founder of BostonSpeaks

I am so grateful that I joined your program. I have been wanting to tell you this for a long time: You have been the answer to my prayers. I truly believe you were meant to help me on this journey. Thank you and keep up the good work you do for us every day! This has been an awesome experience for me. My husband has noticed positive changes in my attitude overall since I joined your program, and I’m excited about the future and what I can expect next in your program.

AnnetteCreate Your Great Client

What makes the Emotional Intelligence To Boost Your Career course different?

There are plenty of courses today, both online and available in person, which are meant to add a little knowledge, to inspire for a few hours and motivate for a few days. But not enough contain practical, how to, systems that you can build into your every day life and which produce long term, sustainable results.

In this course I will not only share and teach you the knowledge you need to have around EQ and what it entails, but I and others will also guide you thru practical tips and tools you can implement.

Instead of feeling good for a day or a week, and ‘hoping’ things change, this course is designed to ensure you that you take action so you can make them change, and create the career you want and dream of.

The Masterclass Curriculum

The Emotional Intelligence To Boost Your Career online course helps you turn your dreams of having a fulfilling career into reality. Within weeks you will have knowledge and tools you can act on right away. Here’s what you can expect from the 4 modules and multiple hours of content:

Module 1 – Emotional Intelligence: What is it and why it’s important

In module 1, I will share with you over the course of several chapters what I have learned over the years about EQ, what it means and how it applies to our careers. I will also reveal the 4 key areas that really have made a difference not only for me but for all the high achieving, fulfilled people I’ve met and worked with.

Module 2 — EQ for the Self and those around you

In module 2, we will dive deep into the two aspects of EQ that define how we position ourselves, how we shape our career, and how we work and perform better with others.

Module 3 — The Mindset of EQ that changes our lives

In module 3, we will tap into the essential mindset component of Emotional Intelligence that has defined great leaders such as Abraham Lincoln and Nelson Mandela, and that has made the difference for millions of people who have gone from good to Great! What helped them create a career and life and an impact that is Great instead of just good? What fears and blocks and limiting beliefs do we all have which slow us down, and how do we release the emergency break? Find out here.

Module 4 — Implementation and Action

Knowledge is nothing without action to back it up. In this module we’ll use several chapters to teach you how to implement what you’re learning and working on so that you can see change immediately. Learn from me and from others the tools and steps to implement EQ in a way that boosts your career and creates your dream life.

When You Register for the Emotional Intelligence To Boost Your Career online course you will lock in several Bonuses.

Sign up today and you will receive one Free Live Consultation with me, to talk about your career in more detail.

You will also get access to one Free Bonus Module filled with tools and tips for creating and sustaining your Dream Career.

Great Things Will Happen When You Take This Course!

  • You will feel empowered. You will be empowered.
  • You will stop dreaming and wishing, and you’ll start doing and creating.
  • You will boost your career to the levels you’ve always been capable of.
  • You will experience more clarity around your Purpose and your Mission.
  • You will not only feel more confident, you’ll realize that you’re coming from a place of abundance rather than a place of fear or scarcity.


Module 1 rolls out June 27, 2018



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