Change Can Be Fun

By March 1, 2018 Inspiration

Sometimes we fear change. But many of us need change often. Ironic.

I used to have a belief and a story I told myself, that I “thrived on change”. But then I learned that’s not accurate. I don’t thrive on change. I want change. I need it. Change doesn’t fuel me. I fuel change.

I worked as a sports writer during and right after college. Two years in, I wanted a new challenge. I worked as a supervisor in a call center for a health insurance company. 18 months in, I wanted to learn new skills. I worked as a project manager helping medical facilities in New York set up and use new equipment. 10 months in I wanted to move to Boston. I worked as an implementations manager for a software company for three years, traveling all over the country working with different clients. Three years into that, I didn’t like being on the road all the time so I got a job that kept me grounded in Phoenix, AZ for two years. Then I decided I wanted a break from corporate and I embarked on a journey of doing volunteer and non profit work for almost 4 years. Who’d have thunk it.

I wasn’t thriving on change. I wanted it, and made it happen.

Change doesn’t happen to us. It happens for us. By choice. And often, for many of us, we want it. We like it. It’s what keeps us fueled and energized. Change in our life can bring fulfillment, simply by the new skills we learn, the new people we meet, the new environments we’re in.

It doesn’t mean we need to change our job or pick up and go do volunteer work for a year on the other side of the country. We could. But we don’t have to. It might just mean we look for a new role in our company. An expanded role. One with new or different responsibilities. Or maybe we do re-invent ourselves and start doing different and new work.

Either way, embrace change. Including a change in mindset. For years I believed the story, “I thrive on change”. I need it. Now I know the real story. I want change and I create it. Whenever I need and decide to. It’s fun.

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