A Lesson in Legacy

By February 1, 2018 Inspiration

Scott w/ BrothersMy brother wasn’t famous. He wasn’t rich. He didn’t invent a market changing product. He didn’t win any highly renowned awards. He wasn’t a famous athlete. He never appeared on TV or in a movie. He wasn’t well known on social media. In fact, he had no social media presence at all. His best friends were the same at 49 as they were at 19. And he rarely, if ever, talked about himself.

Yet hundreds upon hundreds of people lined up at his wake and funeral.

Why is that?

Because my brother Todd did things “for” people, and he did things that made people “feel” special.

He didn’t do things because he had to. He did things because he wanted to.

He didn’t boast, he didn’t brag. He just did.

Impacting the lives of others. Making them feel special. And doing so for the right reasons.

That’s my brother Todd’s legacy.

And that’s how we build a meaningful legacy that lasts.

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  • Margaret Schneider says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more….well said. That was Todd …that is his legacy. We should all aspire to live our lives impacting others and making them feel special. As Todd did. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

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