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By January 23, 2018 Inspiration, Leadership

My goal in early 2017 was to teach Leadership and to help as many people as possible become better leaders of themselves. I spent months identifying and building out the leadership principles that helped me the most over the years and that I found had made the biggest impact for other people in my professional career.

Then I started to talk with lots of people about their leadership principles, and about what inspired them each day, so that I could learn more about what most people struggle with and how they want to improve. This way I could be of greater assistance to them. I listened in both one on one and in group settings as people shared with me what parts of their life they really want to enrich and in what ways they want to grow and get better. From these conversations, I discovered something truly remarkable.

For the majority of people I met and spoke with and listened to, their struggles or yearning for growth traced back to one area — their professional career. The #1 topic that came up time and again, with almost every person, was about what they do for a living, how they don’t get enough joy and fulfillment out of their career and how that void affects every other part of their life. There wasn’t even a close second. This was the main driver of frustration for most people I spoke with.

So then I took it a step further and started talking to more and more people specifically about their career. I talked to friends, family members, strangers, former coworkers and new colleagues about what lights them up in the morning, what gets them excited, and do they feel that joy and excitement from their current job and from the work they do? Yet again, the majority of people fell between mildly fulfilled and inspired by what they do, to not fulfilled at all.

So what gives? I’ll tell you. Our job and our career are a BIG part of what our lives. Many of us spend more than half of our waking hours at work and doing our job. We spend a lot of time working. We invest in our jobs, we invest in ourselves to get better at our job. Many of us identify ourselves with what we do for work. A photographer, for example, is not just someone who snaps a button on small metal object. They create art, they make people happy, they bring people together, they create memories for people, they take pride in the beauty of their photos, when necessary they work nights, they work weekends. Our work and our careers are part of our story, of who we are as people

We need to embrace that our work is part of our story. There is nothing wrong with loving what we do, with working a lot, with identifying many of our characteristics and qualities as a human being via the work that we do. The work we do not only pays the bills but it also brings us many great relationships with other people (something all humans crave) and it helps us make an impact. As people we love to make an impact on others.

We also need to embrace this — we all deserve to get fulfillment and joy from the work we do.

How often have you heard someone say to someone else, “you’re so lucky that you love your job and love what you do.”? Well I have news for you, you can love what you do too. You can and deserve to have just as much fulfillment from your job as the next person. All of us do. But here’s the key — you need to take ownership of your career. When you take ownership of your career and take that control back, and get out of the mindset that everything that happens in your career happens TO you, you will be in position to create and realize all the fulfillment and joy you could possibly imagine out of your career.

Inspired by all the stories of people who are struggling with their careers, and by how taking ownership of my career changed my life, I have created a one of its kind program that helps people transform their work life from feeling like a prison, to feeling like the dream life they always wanted. Create YOUR Great — How To Create Your Dream Career shows people how to create the fulfillment we all deserve.

If you are sick of feeling stuck in your career, of not liking your job and feeling like it’s just a paycheck, if you’re tired of dreaming and wondering what it must be like to love what you do, CONTACT ME (hyperlink) today. Sign up for a complimentary Discovery call to talk about your current situation. I also offer an extensive Career Assessment thru which you’ll gain more clarity on what blocks you’re facing, what your true purpose is and the steps you need to start making in order to fix this life altering problem.

Stop settling for less when we all can create so much more for ourselves. We now live in an abundant connection economy. We don’t have to sit back and be one of thousands and wait and hope to be picked. Take control and ownership of your career today and create the life you want, and that you deserve.

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