Value, With A Little Love Sprinkled In

By October 24, 2017 Leadership

There’s a lot to be said for doing something that you love. There’s even more to be said for doing something in which you provide immeasurable value.

Ten months into my new journey called Teaching 2 Lead, I am now 100% focused on helping people find fulfillment in their career. I teach people how to lead themselves to a fulfilling career. I show them the mindset and tools they need, and what steps they can take to do this. This, I believe, is providing value to others.

I love Leadership. I love learning about Leadership. I love studying Leadership. I love practicing Leadership. I love teaching Leadership. I even love examining how Leadership, or lack thereof, affects every day life for all of us. I could spend years immersed in Leadership, and I’d love doing it.

But I also need to create and provide as much value as possible for others. I honed in, and now I am. I am offering people a program that will change their lives and transform their work life and career. It’s a transformational program. It has value.

Be aware of what you love doing, be it helping people, building relationships, building technology, creating great products, traveling to new places. If you love it, build it into your life and into your work. And then find the best way to provide the most value, for your employer, for your employees, for peers, for customers, for anyone. It’s a priceless combination.

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