Go The Hard Route With Your Life

By July 30, 2017 Inspiration

What difficult decisions do you need to make this week?

What hard conversations do you need to have?

Are you avoiding them, or are you preparing for them?

Are you going to raise your hand and ask the question that needs to be asked in your meeting at work this week? Are you going to talk to your management and provide them the feedback they need to hear? Are you going to talk to your significant other about the concerns you have about your relationship? Are you going to start taking action on that new career or job you so badly want?

Or are you going to avoid any or all of these for another week and coast under the radar, doing the status quo, rolling along with the train instead of driving the train? Is life going to happen to you? Or will you go out and make life happen for you?

Go have the hard conversations, ask the tough questions, do the hard work.
Make life happen.

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