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“I just wanted to say how much I’m enjoying participating in your Create Your Great group program. I am so impressed with the amount of material and information that is shared each week. Having access to the guest influencers who offer practical, valuable advice, whether you’re a business owner or jumpstarting a new career, is paramount. Your platform allows the group members to have access to these influencers and tap into their knowledge. Whether you’re looking to grow your business or jumpstart a new career, the structure of this program enables group members to continue to learn and grow, and be inspired by the lessons presented. I’m following your lead, and am motivated to do the same in my own practice.” – Donna, Create Your Great Program Participant

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"I realized that I couldn't become the leader I want to be until I learned how to get better at leading myself."

Scott Stolze

"I believe we all deserve to have fulfillment from the work we do. But here's the key: we have to be accountable, we have to own our career, and we have to take action to create the career of our dreams. My programs help to show you how."

Scott Stolze

"Not everyone is meant to be a leader of others. But everyone is capable of becoming a good leader of themselves."

Scott Stolze
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"Thank you so much for your advice and guidance. I learned more from our 5 minute conversation than I have learned all year!"

Ying Wang, Esq.Associate Counsel & Assistant Vice President at State Street

"I highly recommend working with Scott Stolze. Scott is caring, dedicated and highly enthusiastic when he works with you either in a private session or in a group setting. He brings out the best in people and makes you think bigger. Call me at 857-753-8211 so I can tell you how AWESOME he is."

Kit PangTEDx & Keynote Speaker, Founder of BostonSpeaks

"Scott teaches leadership because he is a consummate leader; he is pragmatic, humble, and drives change with empathy and focus."

Adam LernerIntellectual Property Attorney

"Scott is a gentle, kind and conversational leader who is effective in helping people dive more deeply into their own leadership abilities. I attended one of his breakout sessions and couldn't believe how much value I gained in a matter of minutes."

Alex BynumCEO/Founder of Empowher You

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